Dr Oz’s Fibromyalgia Supplement: D5-Ribose

Dr Oz talked about the anguish of Fibromyalgia:

To help deal with Fibromyalgia he made three recommendations:

Move and stretch – do what you can it will help – Yoga would be great if you are up to. Moving help

D5-Ribose will help you get more restorative sleep through helping you get a deeper sleep the body needs to repair.

Dr Oz said in his experience D5-Ribose provides the greatest relief from Fibromyalgia.

Dosage – three times a day 5000 mg.

Also in a powder as Dr Oz says he knows many Fibromyalgia Suffers who put in their coffee and tea instead of sugar. Again, he says D5-Ribose in his experience talking to people provides the greatest relief for Fibroymalgia.

Vitamin B-12 helps increase energy and boost mood. It also very importantly repairs nerve cells.

Dosage – Take 25 mcg a day

Where are the tender points to diagnose fibromyalgia – 11 of the 18 points and it qualifies as a fibromyalgia diagnosis.